Lifegroups will be a critical part of our church life. It's where we can build friendships and a sense of community, receive more in-depth teaching and study God's word together to deepen our relationship and knowledge of Him.

Lifegroups meet in small groups to share friendship, hospitality, prayers, and to study the word of God. Choice of days, times, locations.

  • 7 groups
  • Monday & Wednesday evenings
  • Women's group - Friday lunchtimes at church
  • Signup at church on tablets or see Matt Wise for more details

Current Groups

Mondays 7.30 pm Kempshott
7.45 pm Beggarwood
Wednesdays 7.30 pm Church
7.45 pm Hatchwarren
7.45 pm Kempshott
7.45 pm Oakley
Fridays 12.30 pm Church - women