Sermons on-line

Sermons for most of our Sunday morning services for the few months are available on-line.

There are 2 ways you can “listen again”.

Using the player on this web page

You can access them directly by using the MP3 player on this web page. Simply select the sermon you wish to listen from the list in the player below and turn your speakers on - use the controls to pause and adjust the volume etc.


You can also subscribe to our PodCast service using a player such as iTunes.

The benefit of this is that once you have subscribed, any new sermons we make available will be automatically downloaded to your computer when you open the program.

You can then listen to them “off-line” when you want to on your PC or transfer them to your iPod or MP3 music player to listen in the car, gym or train. Note only the most current sermon will be downloaded - if you wish to listen to previous sermons, please use the player on this page.

To enable this service, either click iTunes or search for Basingstoke-Baptist-Church on the itunes store “subscribe to podcasts” page.

You can manually subscribe to our feed - cut and paste the following link in to your podcast manager: